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NEW MUSIC: YNES releases brit-pop bop 'OVERRATED' & teams with North East indie label, DAEMON T.V.

Two of the most iconic genres to come out of the UK are punk and Britpop – YNES brings the two together in a painfully relatable manner." Simone Barton [CLASH]

Having roots both in Canada and the UK, YNES (pronounced Yin-ES) takes equal influence from the North American DIY-punk scene, and the Britpop revival of the late 2000's. Sitting messily between the two, YNES splashes tongue-in-cheek lyricism over a high-energy punk canvas.

YNES doesn't shy away from direct approach in her lyrics - one example being her most recent single "I Wanna Be Overrated".

"I wanna say I'm dating Steven Tyler and have someone believe me"

YNES spent the majority of 2020 maximising her social media presence. It was her 30-second demo jingles that garnered the attention of Isle of Wight and Bigfoot Festival 2021.

Following these stages, YNES set off on a 6-date independent headline tour in early 2022. YNES has since supported the likes of GIRLI, benefits, and was even asked to play alongside Billy Bragg at Glastonbury Festival 2022.

YNES is currently on both the Underground Shoes & Fred Perry Subculture roster, and has been playlisted on both 'Shockwave' and 'The Punk List' on Spotify. YNES' EP 'Overgrown Rebel' is out December 9th 2022.

"A YNES track is like listening to a Noam Chomsky audiobook while a punk band rattles through three-chord bangers in the next room." Indie Midlands

The indie artist has recently been signed to Daemon T.V. - a DIY record label

Born in 2020 as a platform for creators to manufacture and sell their work to audiences who love to engage with and support artists outside of the mainstream. It does this whilst allowing the artists involved to retain 100% of their rights. The vibrant punk platform prides itself on being fair to artists financially, and have a policy of full transparency when it comes to their relationship with them. Artists are supported through the process of creating their collections as DTV helps with manufacturing and sales - and after costs - the profits go directly to the curator. Du Blonde's agency has worked with renowned alternative names like GIRLI, Pink Poison, and Swine Tax. As well as onboarding Ynes, the unstoppable artist orientated operation has also welcomed punk North East anarchists, bigfatbig, into the ever-growing family.

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