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Marooned alien artist ‘Vin Proxima’ releases their latest Pop-Punk single ‘Michael Chiklis After All’. Prophesied to be the saviour of our galaxy with the weight of the world on his shoulders ‘Vin Proxima’ decided that this task sounded like a lot of effort and chose to play music instead, eventually creating a song he thought was “pretty ok”.

The track is a tongue-in-cheek telling of someone getting confused about which bald actor they are thinking about (because apparently, even aliens have the same problem) and whether it is Michael Chiklis or not. The track sees Vin frantically listing off all the bald celebrities he can think of behind a high-energy drum beat and distorted guitar lines that allows room for the listener to pick out all the star-studded celebrities mentioned until Vin finally comes to the conclusion that it was in fact ‘Michael Chiklis After All’.

The track showcases Vin Proxima’s personality and humour, bringing a fun and satirical take on a problem we’ve all faced. Vin Proxima is the brainchild of Caleb Stuart created as an outlet for the North Carolinian, acting as a sandbox for his musical endeavours and as a vessel to poke fun at the absurdities of the world around him.

On the distant planet, Proxima a child was born whom the elders prophesied would be the saviour of their galaxy, they gave the child a sacred title meant to inspire hope within their neighbouring star dwellers, this name was Vin Proxima. They soon agreed that the child would be sent to a planet that was in grave need of assistance, planet Earth. In a spaceship disguised as an old hamburger box he arrived on Earth in the mid-1980s but upon landing found that the hamburger box was disproportionately large and rather unconvincing. When the boy came of age he received a holographic message from the elders explaining his purpose to be a bastion of hope to which he replied “f that fam” and decided to hang out in his PJs on the couch most of the time playing music. The child took on a name of his choosing “Wolfgang Bang” comprised of his two biggest heroes Wolfgang Amadeus Van Halen and Bang Margera only to find out later that it’s actually “Bam Margera” and Mr. Van Halen’s middle name is William.. Despite willfully ignoring his lineage he did, however, find that “Vin Proxima” was one of the only available domain names for his music project and people usually end up calling him that anyway. While on Earth he befriended a strange creature known as Gerald the Potato Goblin and the two of them have been making pretty ok tunes ever since.

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