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NEW MUSIC: THEMBOT releases party anthem with catchy chorus 'TAKE ME HOME'

ThemBot is a half-Cypriot non-binary pop artist whose mission is to truly level the playing field in pop music. With the recent release of ‘Take Me Home’ reaching over 10k streams on Spotify, the anticipated release of the accompanying music video is predicted to make waves in London’s glam-pop grassroots scene.


Expressing their creativity from an early age, and with influences that reach to before they were born, ThemBot’s aesthetic is bold, queer and unapologetically gorgeous! Inspired by icons like Lady Gaga, Miley Cyrus, and Sam smith, the well versed performer has made their mark in the modelling industry, being the first non-binary model on the cover of Country & Town House and face of an international Olay campaign.

MUSIC VIDEO OUT 22/01/2023

Now opening up their world to the music industry and with the help of producer Greg Parys, ThemBot’s debut single is a proven party anthem! Delivering a deep baseline with a Euro Dance vibe and stunning vocals, ‘Take Me Home’ is near impossible to forget. Sonically, the track embraces the essence of pop artists ranging from Troy Sivan, Kim Petras, Olly Years, and Rina Sawayama.

Speaking openly about very real issues surrounding gender fluidity and dating as a gender non-conforming individual, ThemBot’s message is clear: “I want to normalise the free expression of one’s full gender identity without the need for labels or categories. I want everyone to be able to be 100% themselves without having to explain or justify their inner truth to others.”


Written by Theo Papoui (@themboy)

Mix, Master & Produced by Greg Parys (@gregparys)


“Take me home is my car ride anthem. I wrote the song in minutes after coming up with the punchy chords and rhythm that instantly inspired the sweet but sexy song. The song touches on my experience of the dating scene as a trans person. Not everyone is openly interested in me when I’m out on the town. You know.. I’m a tall, sexy, intimidating goddess and some of the insecure DL boys only have the confidence to message me online. Most guys don’t approach me. I wanted to write a song to tell that story but also make it relatable to anyone. I mean who does want a sexy person to take them home after a night out?

After writing the song Instantly sent a voice memo of me singing it to my good friend and amazing producer Greg Parys. He completely understood the vibes of the song and days later surprised me with the funky, euro pop style beat with an amazing electronic instrumental. I was gooped and gagged and quickly started having visions for the video and was ready to record all my vocals. The process was quick and easy. I did one 4 hour session in the vocal booth and the song was ready. Greg edited my vocals and added this choppy robot kinda vibe to the chorus to really complement the track. As soon as I heard it finished I knew I wanted to share this with the world.”

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