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NEW MUSIC: STU ALLEN releases nostalgic hit 'DEANA (not Deanna)'

Stu Allen injects rock boogie into nostalgic hit ‘Deana (not Deanna)’

While changing fashions and musical trends are of interest to most melomaniacs, there’s something to be said about songs that feel familiar - because these are the songs that stand the test of time. Take Status Quo, for example, a band that has repurposed the same simple chord progression on every album and single for half a century without waning the affections of fans. And why? Because it sounds good.

It’s a talent few artists possess, but is one that runs deep in the artist Stu Allen, who’s penchant for 70s/80’s rock boogie has transpired into his new track ‘Deana (Not Deanna)’ to make for a timeless hit that has a sort of draped in stardust quality to it. Featured on the song is none other than Status Quo’s Matt Letley, who brings big drums to Allen’s layered guitars - including a solo - and Freddie Mercury inspired vocals. Based on a real life event, where the artist mistook a woman’s name, the single is a reflection of a time when first connections and conversations are forged online before meeting in real life and was written with a sense of playfulness about it.

Starting with the main chorus lyrics ‘Deana, not Deanna’, I already had a chord progression in mind. I then started to play around with other chords and came up with the verses to fill in a backstory, which ended up being very rhythmical. I was conscious about striking the perfect balance between drifting into cliched waters against embracing the more late 70s / early 80s production of big drums and guitars, and I ended up with something I’m very happy with.”

He adds, “The track was recorded and mixed from my home studio, with the drums recorded at Letley’s remote set-up. I then started layering harmonies and embellishing the track with more guitars. Once I was happy with the mix, I took it to John Webber at AIR studios to be mastered - Webber has mastered my previous singles and did a stellar job.”

Stu Allen aspires to explore more of this style with upcoming releases and there’s no doubt that in 50 years, we’ll be looking back as fondly on him as we do Status Quo now.

About Stu Allen

Originating from the South Coast of England, singer/songwriter and producer Stu Allen releases his third single, ‘Deana (Not Deanna)’ - a melting pot of classic rock & pop themes married to a tongue-in-cheek narrative. Following his 2022 debut with two-minute rocker ‘Falling Out of Sight’ and indie-pop gem ‘The Rush’, this self-produced artist continues to deliver on infectious hooks with production taking heavy influence from the guitar-driven glory days of late 70s/early 80s.

The track ‘Deana (Not Deanna)’ is accompanied by two official videos - a comedic narrative piece starring Natasha Tosini of the infamous ‘Winnie the Pooh: Blood & Honey’ horror flick, followed by a stunning band performance video with performing artist Matt Letley on drums (previously of Status Quo, A-ha and Kim Wilde).

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