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INTERVIEW: Scottish four-piece SLIX release angsty new single 'WITH YOU'

Hailing from Gourock, Inverclyde in Scotland, SLIX are a five piece that have made waves since their debut in 2018. After establishing a clear fanbase across the UK, the outfit are embarking on an exciting new chapter; February 24th 2023 marks the return of SLIX and their anthemic new release 'With You'.

‘With You’ provides the latest development of SLIX. Featuring a developed experimental approach to the production and writing process, the track includes new effects and instrumental layering. The band go on to state: "Our latest single demonstrates a delicate & more mature side to our sound ... heartfelt lyricism whilst capturing the essence of SLIX’s writing style & our favoured punchy choruses" .

BANGER. That was wickedJack Saunders of BBC Radio 1 on Current Affairs.

Establishing their 2022 debut EP - 'Jingle Jangle', word spread fast about the carnage unfolding at their shows and every date across the country was a fast sell-out: including a hometown gig in under 3 minutes and Glasgow’s King Tuts in just 5 days. Their infectiously energetic live presence, alternative-indie sound and relatable lyricism has fans and media buzzing for what’s next. With rave reviews from the likes of Jack Saunders, BBC Introducing and Tenement TV - not to mention having shared the stage with the likes of The View and others - it’s no surprise that many predict a bright future ahead for the lads.

In three words, describe your sound?

Jingle Jangle Scheme

Who do you draw sonic influence from?

Aside from Knuckles and Shadow , we would devote the tones from My Bloody Valentine , Mac DeMarco & Fontaines DC.

Can you give us some context about this release and the story behind it?

With You is for sure the most exciting time we’ve ever had in the recording studio, introducing new elements to the creative process such as a trumpet section. We all shared the same feeling that we’d produced something special that day. Lyrically, we explored a more mature side compared to some previous releases, focusing on aspects and feelings of being in a relationship in your early twenties.

Who would be your dream artist to cover ‘With You’?

We would love to hear Aphex Twin do a rendition of our single.

What are your hopes for the near future - anything planned?

We have our Glasgow king tuts headline gig which we sold out in 5 days. Also preparing for a few festivals this summer including Glasgow's TRNSMT. We are playing with one of our favourite bands in the scene Baby Strange in June ! Big plans ahead as we continue to look to grow our fanbase and reach outside of Scotland, and continuing to release music consistently!

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