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Alt-Rock artist Alex Yarmak is back with his latest single ‘Roots Grow Deep’, the lead single from his upcoming album under the same name. The Ukrainian artist is quickly getting a name for himself in the alternative scene blending elements of Alt-Rock, Metalcore and Punk to create hard-hitting tracks that are equally as thought-provoking as they are infectious.

His latest single ‘Roots Grow Deep’ is no different, a barrage of distorted guitars and explosive drum lines are utilised drawing the listener in as Alex Yarmak delivers his hope for Ukrainian culture, delivering his mantra in both English and Ukrainian. Under the backdrop of Russia’s illegal war on Ukraine Alex dives deeper into Ukrainian culture and how both Ukraine and Russia are linked culturally dating back for generations even after their independence in 1991. Now after years of rising tensions and the ongoing war, Alex looks to the future advocating a cultural shift in his country not bound by the shackles of the past and the lingering memories of the USSR, one that the next generation can claim is distinctly Ukrainian.

I want to draw people's attention to the fact that we, Ukrainians, were heavily influenced by the Russian culture, so we need to cut those roots to feel finally, and completely, free" Alex Yarmak

The accompanying video showcases the scenes on the ground in Ukraine as Alex travels around Kyiv with a camcorder revealing the cultural remanence of Russian influence and the devastation the war has brought.

Having released music since 2021 Alex Yarmak has been steadily growing his fanbase while constantly experimenting and refining his sound, his last album ‘No Pity For The Sinking Ship’ a 7-track anti-war album was received well both at home and abroad with multiple tracks landing on prominent Spotify editorial playlists. With the release of his latest single ‘Roots Grow Deep’ and upcoming album, Alex Yarmak looks to keep standing up for what he believes in, in the way only he knows how.

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