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NEW MUSIC: romantic pop release 'WHITBY BEACH' by DEZ ROCKSTEADY

Our whimsical pioneer of the sweet romantic pop sound is back with his new single 'Whitby Beach', a fun and light-hearted song portraying a day at the beach, making us all feel like we are back in July... Would you be interested in featuring the single on your radio show?

Fresh, buoyant and nostalgic, just a few words that describe the whimsical boat ride you will experience as you listen to ‘Whitby Beach’, it is Dez Rocksteady's sandy and sun kissed latest single.

Dez has the exact tools and craft needed to compose an unforgettable ear worm in his chorus melodies. This alongside the open-ended lyric of verse allows the listener to fill the gaps and project their own story upon the piece - all by design.

Dez Rocksteady is pioneering the new-age of romance, conducting the marriage of infectious melodies and free spirited lyrics. Dez is redefining the landscape of singer songwriter music with his own brand of quirky indie pop.

Dez is a prolific writer and performer and has composed a wealth of material since his debut in mid 2018. He is currently on a path of self releasing his music from a catalogue of over 70 original songs, spanning 14 releases since his debut, alongside providing a consistent driving force of more than 220 performances within the Leeds and London live circuits in under two years.

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