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NEW MUSIC: nostalgic synth outfit MALIBU HOT FLUSH release melodic single 'TOO MUCH'

Tony Doogan (Mogwai, Belle & Sebastian) - produced electronic, new wave project of Luigi Tiberio & Tim Bleasdale. FFO: Hot Chip, Factory Floor, New Order

Malibu Hot Flush

Announce new single ‘Too Much’

Taken from the debut album ‘Malibu Hot Flush’ – out March 2023

After their roaring debut in ‘Make it Matter’ which saw support from RTE Entertainment, the coveted BBC Radio 6 playlist and much more, Malibu Hot Flush are back with their sophomore track ‘Too Much’.

Malibu Hot Flush is a serendipitous collaboration between singer and guitarist Luigi Tiberio and modular artist Tim Bleasdale. They’re a well-connected pair, having recorded their debut, self titled album (out March 2023 on vinyl via Neon Tetra Records) with Mogwai’s producer, Tony Doogan at Glasgow’s Castle of Doom Studios. Belle & Sebastian’s Chris Geddes – a long time friend of the band - helped write and form a handful of songs from the forthcoming album.

Despite having both been part of different previous projects, here they are now with their first foray into the commercial music scene together, with the explosive, 80’s inspired new single ‘Too Much’.

Tiberio explains, “On ‘Too Much’, we originally started playing around this synth riff that made me think of the 70s electronica a la Giorgo Morodor style with those fat square wave tones in your face sort of sound.”
“Musically, we’re trying to pick out the discordant elements of the melody and build those the texture of those, getting more aggressive as the song spins on. It’s almost like the call and response you’d get on a blues track, I think this comes from doing everything live”, Bleasdale adds.

At the crux of it, Malibu Hot Flush’s sound haphazardly fuses elements of electronic post-punk, new wave, Euro disco, indie, techno and industrial genres. All of which you’ll detect on this track. And it’s one that’s been executed with the express intention of wanting to make people throw themselves around the room and just let loose.

The lyrics for most of MHF’s songs surround mental health; “It is quite cliché, but I’ve had a lot of reflection around the mental health of musicians in a post pandemic world. The internal dialogue happens between our main character and his mind, almost like a heated conversation with his consciousness”, Tiberio states.






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