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NEW MUSIC: NATELLE releases self titled debut

London, United Kingdom. Natelle is thrilled to announce the release of his very first EP named “Natelle”

The EP “Natelle” falls into the rock/pop genre. It includes four songs that are written and

produced by the artist himself. Two of the tracks, “Girl” and “Curtain” are about a long distance relationship, from the artist’s own point of view, expressing the heartbreak that he had to experience.

In “Girl” he sings:

“It’s bad to live in a fairytale”

- telling the story of believing they could make their relationship work for longer than they were capable of. Natelle states it as a

“rollercoaster of emotions”

“Who are you” and “I don’t really care” are about the artist's journey of finding his own identity and expressing himself in today's society. The songs deliver a message which is very important to our generation. All tracks on the EP have a Rock n Roll tune with a refreshing feeling to it.

Natelle is an Italian-American songwriter and producer that has moved to London to pursue the dream that he shares with many others, making music and touching people's hearts with his very own work. In the past months, he built a team of passionate people that he is working with at this moment.

For upcoming projects he will play and write alongside a drummer and bass player, which will also support him at live gigs.

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