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Jonathan Roy is one of the rare artists and singer songwriters in the world who, as well as possessing an undeniable charm, charisma and that raw and pure songwriting brilliance, also has the ability to heal with his music. Through his life, the Canadian has created a world of his own by his travels and connections, and the result has been nothing short of spectacular.

With over 200 million views and streams collectively since 2016, Roy has garnered the attention of many, and provides a spiritual nature in his soulful and joyous way of creating music that resonates and mesmerises. There's also a fun loving side to his offering, which makes his music even more accessible. His most powerful single ‘Keeping Me Alive’ however, shows the vulnerability of Jonathan, in what is a beautiful and soulful piano ballad that has inspired many to make change and not look to the darker end of the spectrum that is life.

2022 saw Jonathan release a plethora of singles, including ‘Stay in Bed’, a fun-filled and light hearted single which still holds a true story and reflection on the world as Jonathan sees it. The main factor that makes Roy stand out above the crowd is his voice. Raspy and commanding, he goes all in on ‘Stay in Bed’, and it’s so easy to hear why he has gained such a following both in his homeland and worldwide.

He now embarks on his fourth studio album ‘Life Distortions’ released February 2023, with lead single ‘I Wanna Feel Love’ providing an epic and hard-hitting alt-pop exploration all about real life and real people. This is the underpinning embodiment of Jonathan Roy, channelling his experiences into raw and soulful emotion with a voice that carries hope and empowerment all at once. He says:

“I think people will connect with what’s real. People have bullshit detectors. I’m playing what I like in the songs. I’m trying to grab all the things I like from bands and people that I admire and I’m trying to put it in my soup, in my writing and melodies. I feel like I’m an old-school cat creating this weird pop alternative music and I love it.”

For fans of Matt Corby and Dermot Kennedy, Roy’s vocal tonality is something to be desired and to just enjoy. ‘I Wanna Feel Love’ ensues that personal connection you want to feel with an artist, going on that journey with them, and Jonathan Roy holds that truly special talent which makes you feel that you’re with him every step of the way.

EU/UK May Headline Tour

02 MAY Dublin, Ireland - Whelan's

03 MAY London, United Kingdom - Oslo Hackney

05 MAY Amsterdam, Netherlands - Paradiso

07 MAY Paris, France - La Marowuinerie

08 MAY Berlin, Germany - Privatclub

10 MAY Milan, Italy - Biko Club

12 MAY Vienna, Austria - Chelsea

13 MAY Prague, Czech Republic - Chapeau Rouge

14 MAY Zurich, Switzerland - Papiersaal

16 MAY Warsaw, Poland - Club Hydrozagadka

19 MAY Oslo, Norway - Krøsset

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