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NEW MUSIC: JAMES WLDE releases dark and brooding alt-pop single ‘ISSUES’

James WLDE is an experimental Irish singer-songwriter and artist. Drawing on the personal more than most, he delves into his own mind and likes to think of his music as an undetermined blend of alternative pop that is meaningful and appealing to the younger generation. Largely influenced by artists such as Frank Ocean, Bjork, Kate Bush and Radiohead, James aims to amalgamate all of these stems of sonics into his own, individual sound.

Ocean’s album ‘Blonde’ particularly impacted James, who loved the chaotic nature of the record and how much it set him apart from everyone else. Mixing both interesting harmonic content with aggressive sounds to peak the listeners interest is what James WLDE wants to incorporate into his musical craft.

A striking production that blends alternative topics with a pop sensibility, the now London based troubadour definitely announced himself with this intoxicating pop infused exploration. The song saw plenty of plaudits in the playlisting world, and amassed some impressive numbers on Spotify in the short amount of time it’s been released.

James now arrives with his third single ‘Issues’, which welcomes you further and further into his minimalistic yet empowering world. His vocals are dynamic and at the forefront of this brooding alt-pop track, which holds a darker meaning behind it and James is open and so captivating in his delivery. The chorus goes into a distorted vocal which perfectly reflects the direction of the song, where James spirals into his post pandemic feelings in this epic builder.

The outro seems to encompass and embody everything that James WLDE represents, transcending into an otherworldly atmosphere that he has so brilliantly created. The song switches mood quite dramatically, adding to the angsty aura that ‘Issues’ instils, and it seems as if James is starting to mould together what he wants to say and how he wants to portray it, which is the hardest thing to do as a solo artist.

The nephew of the wondrous Sinead O’Connor, it is clear that music does run in the family and James is certainly forging his own path and stylistic notion. ‘Issues’ channels the energy of what we all face in everyday life with the existential fears and struggles of relationships, mental health and modern living, and flips it into a highly eclectic and accessible pop song that is made for a viral audience.

Coupled with the dance-like, gritty attitude that this track possesses, James WLDE brings an incomparable edge that cannot be ignored, making ‘Issues’ a real statement release.

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