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NEW MUSIC: indie outfit L.A. SUNDAY release alt-rock single 'SOCIAL DIVIDE'

"The band formed in early 2020 and have already amassed over one hundred thousand streams on all of their songs on Spotify" Jordan Merrett, Rock Lynx

L.A. Sunday are a four piece indie band from Lincoln, UK. Made up of Lloyd, Harry, Charlie and Finn, the unsigned outfit are set to release their next single, ‘Social Divide’. Since their debut two years ago, the rock quartet have developed a distinct sound - similar to heavy melodic bands like Idles, Fontaines, and the Mysterines. Echoing this industrialised UK influence in the creative process of ‘Social Divide’, L.A. Sunday have curated a rowdy cultural commentary of political angst (1st December 2022).

Social divide is putting into words the way society feels to me now. The media plays on people’s fears and it is hard to switch off. The cost of living crisis, divided-communities and war, I wanted to express that sense of anxiety in my lyrics. The instrumental mirrors the lyrics with organised chaos and a sense of urgency, but we still wanted the track to have an upbeat sound. It's letting off steam, we wanted the song to sound gritty and keep the tension of our live set” L.A. SUNDAY

Following their well received debut, ‘Pillars’ in 2020, the band has played a plethora of venues across the Midlands. Armed with a hefty gig portfolio - which includes a headline slot at Nottingham’s Chameleon - the indie rock sounds of L.A. Sunday are expected to hit new heights in 2023.

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