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“Her voice is subtly folksy with a brooding huskiness, which she uses to portray that stream-of-consciousness from the perspective of her teenage self” UNRECORDED
“This brilliant but dark dream pop-esque track is extremely well produced with a really stylistically in keeping vocal mix” RGM

Known for her haunting backing vocals and melancholic indie vibes, Hannah has been making the soundtrack to her listeners’ mental wanderlust since just age twelve in her hometown of Gateshead, making her debut public appearance back in March 2020. Drawing inspiration from KT Tunstall, Warpaint, Ladyhawke and more, her tracks ‘Fool for Him’, ‘Confusion’, and ‘One Friday Night’ – all recorded at Old Church Studio – have been featured on radio stations such as BBC Introducing, Nova Radio and Spark FM, as well as being featured in local magazines such as NARC, Darkus, NE Online and popular music blog Lefuturewave.

“’Hypnotised’ is about the romanticised idea of a person, a relationship and about being lost in your own mind. It’s about fear of loss and rejection, and about being absorbed by a situation and not being able to think straight. You are constantly thinking about a person, and dreaming of what could have been, while the other person no longer cares and wants to just walk away.” HANNAH ROBINSON

Since forming her band earlier this year, they have supported the likes of Moon Panda and Orchards, as well as playing amongst a number of fantastic local grassroot artists such as Marketplace, Cortney Dixon, Sarah Johnsone, Keiran Bowe, The Peevie Wonders and more. Experimenting with harmonies and a hunger for lyrics that many can relate to, Hannah’s blend of hypnotic vocals and addictive guitar riffs come together to produce a tranquil sound. Being a nostalgic person herself, she found her purpose in music through the vulnerability of sharing her experiences growing up. Whether it’s a trip down memory lane, or revisiting a sensitive situation in your mind, you’ll always find an emotion to connect with through her music.

“‘nineteen’ is hauntingly vulnerable. Robinson is hidden in plain view, going through the motions while having no sense of self.” LOUD WOMEN

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