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Golem Dance Cult, the visionary music project helmed by Charles Why (known for his work with Nexus and L-DOPA) and Laur (renowned for contributions to Sparkling Bombs, Kevin K Band, Vague Scare, and more), proudly releases their inaugural album, ‘Legend of the Bleeding Heart’ - BUY ON BANDCAMP NOW.

Golem Dance Cult's sonic landscape is a compelling fusion of Industrial Dance Rock, boasting an amalgamation of mechanical, ritualistic grooves intertwined with soulful intensity. Departing from the rigid conventions of the rock genre, the band employs an electronic approach in layering their tracks. An overriding principle embraced by the band is the prioritisation of atmosphere and energy over flawless precision, yielding a profoundly captivating and raw musical journey.

Critics have showered Golem Dance Cult with acclaim for their unparalleled sound and distinctive style. Melody Maker hails their music as "a glorious and visceral musical ride," while The Other Side Reviews proclaims that "as you surrender yourself to the music, you can feel it resonating deep within your chest."

‘Legend of the Bleeding Heart’ comprises eleven captivating tracks, including ‘Dalek Rhetoric’, ‘21st Century Dogs’, and ‘Carpe Noctem’. All compositions are masterfully crafted by the duo of Charles Why and Laur (also known by his solo adventure: Other-ed), with production helmed by Klaus Karloff. The album was meticulously recorded and mixed at various locations spanning England, France, Iceland, Australia, and Bali, the final mastering took place at Crystal Mastering Melbourne: led by the talented Joe Carra and Klaus Karloff.

“‘Legend of A Bleeding Heart’ is now used in a derogatory way, meaning people who are too soft. What we mean by this title is that the World would be a better place if people had more empathy, with more bleeding hearts"

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