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NEW MUSIC: DRUNKEN LOGIC's pioneering release - 'BORN MAD'

Much like stumbling home from the bar at the end of the night, Drunken Logic has always been a balancing act -- between indie rock, piano and guitar pop, and Americana music, as well as personal truths, scathing wit, and the search for empathy. His what first seems like unconventional approach to music makes for something truly raw and something you could literally reach out and touch sonically. Jake Cassman has always been a pioneer in songwriting prowess and relentlessly recorded and released three albums and toured extensively.

Influenced by those 90s grunge-filled greats in Third Eye Blind and Green Day, Cassman however also moulds his own sound world together and raucously blends a multitude of genres together. The result is an angsty and gritty plethora of alternative rock that sticks, and since the turn of this year he has been preparing for the release of his new 5-track EP ‘An Awful Lot Of Nothing’. With singles released so far in ‘Ten Years’ Time’ and 'Rounding Up’, lead single ‘Born Mad’ further invites you into Drunken Logic’s one of a kind rock-infused psyche.

The production still holds that raw and high energy DIY feel to it, giving Jake the perfect platform to unleash his soaring vocals and melodies to sit so perfectly amongst the full band sound. Recorded ll to tape at Palomino Sound in Los Angeles, the track and EP sounds raw, but it is understatedly polished, with grungy guitar lines and solos alongside a thundering chorus that will appease all lovers of alternative rock. It leans on the experimental too, where Cassman recorded all parts specifically on guitar instead of piano, bringing an extra feeling of euphoria throughout the record.

Drunken Logic could well just be the perfect antidote for those listeners still longing for those 90s rock bands who dominated the music scene. Now in the present day, Jake Cassman has presented a body of work that is fine tuned for the nostalgia yet still more than holds its place in 2023, with ‘Born Mad’ acting as a bold and infectious dosage of a genre that always needs life bringing back into it. Drunken Logic brings that in spades. Jacob says...

"Born Mad" is my attempt to understand the mindset of someone who may go on to commit a mass shooting -- a uniquely American phenomenon that is at once profoundly shocking and no longer the least bit surprising. The narrator is a profoundly alienated and angry young man, someone who feels trapped by society's expectation of him and his own definition of masculinity. This song is a headbanger, and I'm proud of it, but it should make you feel uncomfortable the deeper you listen to it -- it still makes me uncomfortable, and I wrote the damn thing.”

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