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NEW MUSIC: DANI GRACE announces captivating EP - 'ONE VERSION OF ME'

Dani Grace's Captivating EP 'One Version of Me' Transcends Boundaries with Ethereal Dance-Pop Soundscapes

Dani Grace's musical journey began at the age of 14 when they received their first left-handed guitar, igniting a passion that would shape their career. Music became their refuge, and by 16, they were recording their own music. A fortuitous encounter with Peter Brownlee at 18 led to the creation of significant releases such as "Artificial Emotions" and "Closer," which solidified Dani's determination for a lifelong career in music.

The Asheville rising artist, is set to release her highly anticipated EP titled 'One Version of Me' - June 30th, 2023. Filled with enchanting melodies and heartfelt lyrics, this mesmerizing collection of songs effortlessly combines elements of pop, dance, and R&B to transport listeners into a realm of ethereal fantasy. Drawing inspiration from the likes of Grey Zeigler, Annika Wells, MoonZz, Tove Lo, and Daya, Dani Grace's music resonates with fans of contemporary pop while introducing captivating new elements. The EP's lead track, "Flight 2U," showcases Dani's unique blend of synth-driven soundscape, exploring themes of desire, love, and longing. From start to finish, 'One Version of Me' promises to take listeners on a transcendent musical journey that lingers in the imagination long after the final note fades.

Since embracing the production side of music, Dani Grace has found new avenues of creativity. For this release, they chose to collaborate with beat producer Matthew May, acquiring the rights to a selection of beats that perfectly complement their artistic vision. Utilising FL Studio for vocal recording, mixing, and mastering, Dani Grace skilfully crafted each track, honing their unique sound and capturing the essence of their creative vision. Reflecting on the EP, Dani shares,

"One Version of Me has a lot of promising elements inside for me. It has sounds that I want to continue to explore, as well as my first collaboration with Malik on Until We Try. I'm really excited to see how people enjoy it and what doors it could open for me in the future." - Dani Grace

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