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NEW MUSIC: DAIMY LOTUS releases her independent single '1ST CLASS D-BAG'

Rotterdam-based artist and songwriter Daimy Lotus shares her latest single '1st Class D-Bag', her second independent release through exclusive platform AWAL. This hot new banger sees the fierce songwriter reprise her pop brilliance with a satisfying layer of grunge making it a true poprock anthem.

An explosive poprock offering built with addictive guitar lines and driving bass lines, '1st Class D-Bag' revels in its pristine production narrating the emotions regarding an insufferable egoist. "Don't say you're sorry, you don't mean it", she sings over a somewhat empty but raging backdrop building up tension before diving into the second half of the chorus with crashing drums and bold melodies.

"I think we all met someone in our lives who pretends to care, or even claims to care, in your face but actually they are solely concerned with their own being. Always taking advantage over the backs of other people and not taking any responsibility or even caring about those people's emotions. A true 1st class d-bag."

With her songs already seeing support from radio (3FM, KINK) and TV (XITE), Spotify, who have added her tracks to their New Music Friday NL, Fresh Pop, Love or hate emo, Equal Netherlands playlists and more, plus inclusion in editorial playlists on Apple Music and online tastemaker support including 1883 Magazine, Euphoria, Earmilk, Enfnts Terribles, The Official Charts UK, The Honey Pop and more, Daimy Lotus is bursting onto the scene with her upbeat, exciting pop, carving a lane for her playful, alluring sounds.

Writing about themes of heartbreak, mental health and self growth, Daimy Lotus' punchy sounds and powerful hooks make for an addictive listen. An advocate of inclusion sees Daimy's music accommodating and connecting with people who experience life in a variety of ways, ensuring that everyone feels both seen and heard. Citing inspiration from artists such as YUNGBLUD and GAYLE, Daimy's clean-cut pop navigates the pop world with ease. Settling easily into the ears of any pop lover, Daimy's crashing tunes are a force to be reckoned with.

'1st Class D-Bag' OUT NOW [January 6th 2023]


Photos: Monique Penders

Artwork: Jibbe Peters


Lyrics by Daimy Lotus

Music by Daimy Lotus, Dean Benzaken & Jara Narayan de Werd

Produced by Narayan

Co-produced by Dean Benzaken

Guitars by Bas Soetens

Live drums by Sven van der Meer

Mixed by Raul Lopez

Mastered by Pierce Johnston

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