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NEW MUSIC: BREE WHITWORTH releases enchanting new single 'BETTER OFF ALONE'

Bree Whitworth unveils her brand-new single ‘Better Off Alone’: The pop release has an anthemic, empowering, and heartbreak flavour to it, showcasing Bree Whitworth’s passion.

The production features gripping instrumentation from bass, drum machines, guitar, piano, and synths, accompanied by Bree Whitworth’s beautiful vocals that will draw the listener in from the first note.

Fuelled from being told by her ex that maybe she would be ‘better off alone’, she notes that the song wrote itself after that. She worked with her producer Zach Wolf first by sending him some samples of other songs as inspiration. And then she wrote the lyrics once she had the music knowing that it would be based around that sentence. She wanted to tell the story of her hurt from that sentence but also to empower herself to take ownership of it and say 'yes I am better off alone, or at least without you!’

‘Better Off Alone’ is about an ex telling me I'd be 'better off alone' and turning that hurt from his words into something empowering to own that sentence and create an anthem for women to know that no matter what, it's better to be alone than to be with someone who isn't right for you - Bree Whitworth

Artist Bio

As the world began to shut down last year due to COVID-19, Bree Whitworth found herself at the end of a relationship. During lockdown, her main solace was her piano and she took to what she does best, turning her heartbreak into song. This was a different time, however, so working with producer Winston Hauschild to record the songs took on a new challenge. They wrote the melodies via Zoom calls and built the song structures all completely from a distance. Months later, when restrictions eased up, Bree traveled to the Treehouse Studio on Bowen Island to finally record her vocals to the tracks while still never physically being in the same room as Winston. No hugs or high fives when their long day was done, but they produced two stellar songs nonetheless.To date, this West Coast artist has released three albums and numerous singles (under various projects) and has had one of her songs featured on a television series and another recently curated for a music library in Paris, France. For her three new singles, Bree virtually worked with producer Zack Wolf in Portland, Oregon after he connected with her via Instagram. On the new singles, Bree sticks to her writing roots with honest and heartfelt pop ballads. With vocals being recorded at 12 St Sound in New Westminster with producer and engineer, Anthony Cenerini, Bree gives you full '80s nostalgia reminiscent of Tiffany, the Bangles, or Heart with powerful vocals paired with synth-driven melodies. Once again, Bree has a way of taking her listeners on a journey through love, heartbreak, and everything in between.

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