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Reviving an old drum loop and guitar lick in their archives, the track proves a wrongheaded idea inspired by right-wing politics that argue “gender nonconformity is a social contagion”. The band embody the irony and go on to state: “I thought it would be fun and perverse to make a song about gender dysphoria (and, er, self-loathing) as infectious as possible”.

Debuting in 2017 with indie EP; ‘Take This The Wrong Way’, Baby Got Back Talk have made waves with their D-I-why?-because-we-gotta attitude when creating music. Hailing from New York City, this punk-party trio showcases upbeat rhythms with ‘Opposite of Impostor Syndrome’: A deceptively peppy tune with bummertime lyrics, the first few beats call audiences to the dancefloor. Encompassing an originality exuded in their upcoming release, the outfit’s lineup consists of G’Ra Asim (Vocals and Bass), Rhiana Hernandez (Synth and Vocals), and Jake Lazaroff (Lead Guitarist and Vocals). Since signing with Wiretap Records in the spring of 2022, Baby Got Back Talk have jumped from peak to peak with a plethora of genre-defying projects in their alternative rock discography, accumulating thousands of streams on Spotify. Their label debut - ‘Existential Shred’’ - finds the band reprising their partnership with producer John Naclerio (Just Surrender and The Audition) at Nada Recording Studios. Driven by a DIY ethic that challenges the status quo, their lived experiences have made a strong songwriting tool that has accompanied them into their signed works - especially themed pertaining to gender and race.

As much as punk music is a vehicle for expressing disaffection with the status quo, it’s also an outlet for humor and weirdness. Tapping into both the playful and political aspects of the genre is probably our sweet spot as a band. Our new single Opposite of Impostor Syndrome is a case in point. There’s this pervasive, wrongheaded right-wing idea that gender nonconformity is a social contagion, so we thought it would be fun and perverse to make a song about gender dysphoria (and, er, self-loathing) as infectious as possible.BABY GOT BACK TALK

Conversant with social issues, enabled by the interweb, and bankrolled by day jobs, Baby Got Back Talk are powered by a like minded community who resonate with the most venerable iterations of rock ‘n’ roll. With an assortment of influences ranging from Magnolia Park, Pinkshift, Meet Me @ the Altar, and The Wonder Years, Baby Got Talk Back showcases a contemporary interpretation of punk in 2023 whilst maintaining a passion for injecting some new grassroots flavour into the scene.

Their full-length debut in 2020, ‘Genre Reveal Party’, was mixed by Paul Leavitt (from All Time Low, Senses Fail, and Yellowcard), showcased at the iconic 2019 AfroPunk Festival and the renowned Punk Island in 2018. Practising what they preach, Baby Got Back Talk also performed the track for the #SayHerName Campaign’s 5th Anniversary Remembrance Ceremony: Featured on the Grey Estates, the Alternative, and Don’t Bore Us. Trailblazers in the local scene, their previous EP "Existential Shred" featured on Apple Music's Punk homepage, and also saw Baby Got Back Talk profiled in the All Scene Eye, Alternative Press, AfroPunk, and Punknews.

Photo credit: Kate Hoo

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