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NEW MUSIC: AZMERYTH X DIZZY BRIDGES collaborate on indie dream-pop single ‘SOOTHSAYER’

Azmeryth x Dizzy Bridges is a collaboration between two indie dream pop projects in which experimentation, melody, and otherworldliness are all central themes. Two artists which met just before the global pandemic, they immediately shared an aligned passion for music, both sonically and creatively. Azmeryth has been releasing music since 2017, and forms a unique dream pop sound that has caught the attention of many on Spotify, accumulating nearly half a million streams on that platform alone with singles such as ‘Your Wicked Ways’ and ‘The Alchemist’.

Always one for collaboration, she and Dizzy have now finally come together for their first release in ‘Soothsayer’. A deeply ethereal, prog-psychedelic atmosphere is immediately created by the pair, in a song that holds remnants of Pink Floyd and Radiohead in the experimental instrumentation. A real dream pop mover, it’s a delicate exploration that is sung harmoniously by Azmeryth, with Dizzy laying down all the instruments and production.

Azmeryth’s sound comes to the fore with her empowering and melodically flowing vocals, perfectly lending itself to Dizzy’s instrumentation throughout. The two have effortlessly created their own sound world that has soft and beautiful moments in between, before transcending into a spellbinding chorus.

A DIY project created in Chicago and recorded remotely, Azmeryth x Dizzy Bridges have still managed to create something different and resonating that invites you to step into their fantasy world. The pair have perfectly executed their sonic direction, saying the song is about “reconciling self-care and self-loathing, trying to have empathy for yourself and others.” This is surely the start of an exciting musical journey for both of these exciting artists in their own right.

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