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NEW MUSIC: Austrian indie-pop artist XANDER MOON releases hypnotic single ‘1705 HZ’

Xander Moon is a highly strung experimental singer-songwriter, producer and artist from Salzburg, Austria. Taking inspiration from the multitude of genres that surround us all more so than ever, Xander delves into the realm of hip-hop, trap, alt-pop and everything in between in this all encompassing and refreshing approach to music creation. He released his debut single ‘Apartments’ in March 2022 which is more of a dance-pop exploration, with other singles such as ‘Hi - Fives’ and ‘Vacations’ further showcasing the many different sides to Moon.

Beginning the year with his debut album, Xander shares a captivating alternative hip-hop-pop lead single ‘1705 Hz’. R&B is more than prevalent too in this real journey of a track, which highlights all of Xander Moon’s musical prowess, in what is a modern progressive that changes mood, tempo and genre seamlessly throughout. It begins with a spellbinding synth and Moon’s haunting yet commanding pop melodies and vocals, before quickly switching to rapping and changing dynamics so quickly.

It’s conceptual, eclectic and ever changing from Xander Moon, and it locks you in immediately for a soothing vibe reminiscent of Frank Ocean, James Blake and A$AP Rocky. ‘1705 Hz’ shows the levels of Moon’s musicianship and songwriting, as well as his production, in an artist who has full creative control.

“It is the theme song of my mixtape Hallucination I. It is about how I approached a certain feeling after the relationship with a certain someone fell apart. How I cannot outrun this feeling, even if I try my hardest. Every time I try to make a move, I hit a "red light". But once I go home and realise that this relationship will never work out, all the lights turn green. It is almost as if an inner voice tries to tell me I should not chase, but my conscience tells me I should. It is a constant loop.” Xander

Totally made by himself in his bedroom, the vibrancy and changes make him stand out from the crowd which is perfectly shown in the outro of the track, where Xander turns it into an almost piano ballad that is vocally powerful and resonating. With ‘1705 Hz’, Xander Moon has created something totally individual and special, in a multi dimensional offering that is going to be impossible to ignore.

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