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NEW MUSIC: ANASTAVE releases atmospheric duo release 'BETTER' & 'FAKE SMILE'

Anastave is a recording artist, songwriter and producer based in Berlin. Her last release ‘Medicine’ was picked up by a significant amount of press and credited for being a refreshing take on modern electronic music. Her drive to experiment sets her apart from her peers and casts her in the realm of some of the most respected musicians, such as Massive Attack, Björk and Nicolas Jaar.

Anastave is a Berlin-based singer/songwriter/producer creating lyrical electronic music. Her style has been accredited as 'brilliant... a sound of her own' [Glam Glare] with 'her bold and driven approach to production' [Mystic Sons], as well as being noticed for continuing to "push the boundaries of music" [Lock Magazine].

Her alternative electronica tracks emphasize her emotive vocals and thought-provoking lyrics. Anastave finishes 2022 with even more new music, including newly produced Double A side singles being released on all platforms on the 9th of December in anticipation of her sophomore album in spring 2023. The buildup from her most recent release ‘Medicine’ has staked her claim as "one of the more inventive and adventurous names on the rise right now" [Turtle Tempo].

She has been carefully crafting her sound and developing her following since her debut album in 2016, but is now set to take on the next step of her career, marked by a maturity that can be heard in the double A side single. Focus single - ‘Better’ has been years in the making, but it needed more experience from Anastave before revealing itself at last. Conversely, ‘Fake Smile’ made its way through almost immediately, displaying the contrast in how creativity works. Similarly the tracks also display different sides of Anastave, showing feelings of needing to prove oneself in ‘Better’, and the need to heal in ‘Fake Smile’.

“Better is about the yearning to be someone you're not -- to try to change when you're not ready, and Fake Smile is about the regret in feeling like you've lost your opportunity to change, like you're destined to be the person you don't want to be anymore.” Anastave

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