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NEW MUSIC: JO SARAH releases ‘THE CALL’ for women+ to unite

Produced by Jo Sarah herself, the track embodies the true essence of female empowerment and tribal feminist spirit. Shot in the desert, jungle, waterfall, farm and island of Panama, the music video and song are works of sisterhood.

Jo Sarah is an Amsterdam-based artist & producer. Inspired by her multicultural roots (Dutch & Surinamese) and the cultures she grew up in around the world (Bhutan, Indonesia and Bangladesh), ignited her artistic direction of THE CALL. Fusing warm yet deep and unique vocals to create a melting pot for an interesting story, that can be heard in her production, and experienced in the organic sounds and instruments exhibited in the track.

Jo Sarah’s artistic inspiration arose when studying the female vocalists of Central African tribes singing polyphonically in harmonious unity and togetherness. When the melody of the chorus came to her in the shower, she knew it was a powerful one - envisioning women singing it in unity, reminiscent of tribal musicality and mutual empowerment of and by each other.

The story of ‘The Call’ is about a woman surviving hard times, but when she sings the melody of the chorus a magical tribe of women+ start dancing and this sisterhood sends power to her. Alongside Jo Sarah, Dutch female director Leanne Vink helped to visually transform this story into a fascinating statement of a music video. Shot in four days at sunrise in six different landscapes with a 12-headed crew from Panama - led by strong females Jo Sarah and director Leanne Vink, The Call’s music video showcases fantastic visuals that portray the primal strength women+ have when they unite, connected in nature. Since its premiere in October, it has won 'Best Music Video 2022' at the Sea of Art international film festival.

Jo Sarah is available for press opportunities and interviews, please email: Natalie Greener

Influenced by artists like Sade, Sting, and Jill Scott, Jo Sarah finds huge creative pull to genres like Latin music, and R&B. Succeeding multiple releases and live portfolio, Jo Sarah discovered a new sound whilst traveling the globe, inspired by the rhythms of Brazil and female empowerment. In her latest music, feminist themes ooze tropical bass with a hint of R&B and jazz, facilitating conversation about womanhood and advocating for those who are marginalised to love, accept and stand up for themselves.

In the form of music and artistic expression, Jo Sarah conveys the essence of liberation through R&B coupled with Urban Latin influences. Utilising a multi instrumentalist approach as a producer and songwriter herself, ‘The Call’ truly echoes the sentiments of many women in music; with recent estimates predicting only 2.6 % of producers are female or non-binary. Jo Sarah hopes to unite women+ in light of prejudice, calling to support one another in defiance.

Emancipation, self-love and inclusion also play an important role in Jo Sarah’s earlier work. ‘Juicy', Jo Sarah's previous single, is an ode to the female orgasm, and all the juiciness it brings. It strives to celebrate the beauty and power of female pleasure in a contemporary, fresh and unique way as an anthem against the orgasmgap. The Call is, after Juicy, the next official single of Jo Sarah's newest project called 'UMA' - meaning 'Woman' in Sranan Tongo (the official language of Surinam) - which will be a compilation of songs about female sexuality, its’ taboos, and her personal experiences on these subjects.

The track and its debut also act as the teaser invitation to Jo Sarah's newest movement 'Umaversity'; an event where anyone who identifies as woman and/or has a vulva (women+) can go to learn about their bodies and sexuality. The lineup consists of expert talks, panels on taboos, a special market for women+ and a personal concert by Jo Sarah and other invited female+ artists.

27th of November Adam & Co, Amsterdam |

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