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INTERVIEW: who loves this GENERATION and their cover of 'UNHOLY'

The Zip got to chat with punk-rock band GENERATION (as seen on BBC Introducing), following their recent UK tour and anticipated release of 'UNHOLY', the 2022 chart-storming collaboration between Kim Petras and Sam Smith.

1) Why did you chose UNHOLY?

We played it at a show when we were supporting crawlers and people went crazy for it. We never do covers, but we couldn’t stop singing the song in Hattie’s car so we decided to go for it. People were saying it’s better than the original so we thought… let’s do it.

2) What did you do to give the cover that rock sound?

We literally just went into the studio with our producer George and got most of the tracks down in one day. The rock sound is just a byproduct of being in generation Aha.

3) How do you think Generation made the track your own (aside making it heavy)?

I feel like ours definitely has more of an edge. We all love the original so we didn’t want to go too different. Even arrangement wise it differs. Dean and Hattie’s vocals definitely make it unique.

4) What was the recording process like?

So fun! It always is with us three. It never feels like you’re even recording, just chilling with mates trying different stuff out. Shout out to George at House of Sound in Harrogate.

5) What's next?

We’re not going to do another cover, but we have tonnes of singles lined up for 2023 as well as a UK HEADLINE TOUR. So keep posted and up to date on our socials

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