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☯ Joey Collins is a singer-songwriter and producer based in Nottingham, England. His sound is introspective and emotional, with a penchant for minimalistic arrangements and astonishing lyrics with a personal twist. His catalog of music is as prolific as it is diverse. From his first release in 2017, he’s been carefully developing and honing his craft, which has greatly paid off with the release his debut album ‘Yin-Yang’. The UK based singer-songwriter has earnestly selected 14 songs for us to indulge upon. In the aptly named LP, he explores the duality of life through song.

Showcasing continuous growth as a performer and lyricist, he has received great support from BBC Introducing from Dean Jackson, in which he has received ‘Track of the week’ multiple times, whilst Tom Robinson aired ‘Looked Upon a Shore’ on ‘BBC Radio 6 Music's Introducing Mixtape’ (10/02/2020). Collins also placed in the BBC Introducing top 25 “most played” chart out of the entire East Midlands music scene in 2020 and 2022.

Feed Me Your Love’ succeeded expectations in 2021, with the single’s mix by the notable Guy Elderfield (The Libertines and Jimmy Eat World). The track was picked up by Spotify and landed on ‘All New Rock’ and ‘Alt Rocked’ playlists - a showcase featuring the likes of the Foo Fighters, Kings of Leon and Hayley Williams.

Congratulations on your debut album - how does it feel knowing it’s out in the world?

A huge weight lifted from my shoulders! Extremely proud and happy it’s out.

How long was the curation of ‘Yin-Yang’? Why do you think it was a long/short process?

One of the songs I wrote 10 years ago, so it has a time frame from the age of 17-27. But the recording process has been over a few years, it can feel long as I’m pedantic when it comes to creating.

Can you pick a fave song out of the body of work? Why? Probably

‘Yesterday’s Flowers Are Today’s Dreams’ if I HAVE to pick. I think it’s just a really powerful and catchy song from start to finish.

How has this album shaped you as a person and artists?

The album is a diary of my most vulnerable moments captured so it’s been liberating to release it and almost cathartic too.

Are you doing anything to celebrate the release?

I did a headline show at Metronome in my hometown of Nottingham, which was a great success.

Who were fundamental supporters of your music journey so far?

I have a good underground following from platforms such as Twitch which I definitely owe a lot of gratitude for. Also many of the wonderful people of Turkey have been strong supporters for a good number of years. Anyone who takes the time to listen to my music, I really appreciate it. Time is valuable!

Do you hope to collaborate with anyone on future releases?

I’m not usually one who writes with others as I find my process to be rather isolated and introspective. But, I’d be open to collab if it was the right time/person.

What are your hopes for the future?

Keep on writing, recording and playing shows!

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