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Hailing from Scotland, Edinburgh-based Harry Miles-Watson & The Union showcase a genre defying sound: An erratic folk rock sound with a punk energy, eager audiences have been enjoying his latest release: 'Saints of Jawbone Walk'.

In three words, describe your sound?

“Deranged Trash Goblins” works for the live show

Who do you draw sonic influence from?

A lot of places! The current band setup is totally modelled off 1990’s and mid 2000’s Ska Punk with a classic drums bass and guitar supported by keys and a brass section, however incorporates a load of different sonic influences from modern big band jazz to 60s country alongside the upbeat punk rock energy you might expect.

Can you give us some context about this release and the story behind it?

Sure! Saints of Jawbone Walk is my first single in 2 years and also the first single professionally recorded with my band “The Union” playing with me. The single itself is a retelling of my first few months living in Edinburgh when I was 18, with most nights spent passed out in and around the meadows. The song takes a light approach, focusing on the brighter side of living that sort of lifestyle, that being the wonderful people who took the time out of their nights to help me when I needed it. Musically the song felt like the perfect choice for the first release with The Union as the song I feel works well as a sort of “Mission Statement” for this new era of our careers, capturing the chaotic nature of the live shows in a short package.

How has things changed playing live since the addition of the Union?

Playing with the Union has changed so much for me. Moving from very intimate conversational solo acoustic shows to these jumpy chaotic live shows has been one hell of a change but more than a welcome one. Having the lot of them support my dumbass decisions really makes me feel confident in what we're doing and knowing that I can completely rely on them to go nuts on stage is a wonderful thing. To be honest with you though, the most important thing for me is it's just kinda great to be doing what I love with the people I love.

What are your hopes for the near future - anything planned?

Touring! Looking to move around the U.K starting with the North and expanding to the entire isles. Alongside that we’ve got a string of singles recorded and planned for release so the next 6 months should be non-stop.

Who’s your favourite artist (as in paint not music)?

Cecilia Giménez. She tried man.

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