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Raised in the poorest Congressional district of America, located in The Bronx, YOUNG JIMMY’s background has been a fundamental part of shaping his musical career and passion for recognising Rock N Roll’s roots in African American culture. From a single mother household and growing up in the surroundings of Congressional District 16 - notorious for the largest gang takedown in New York City history - YOUNG JIMMY escaped through his musical upbringing. With Black American parents from the Carolinas and both families migrating to NYC in the 1960s during the ‘Great Migration’, his background heavily influenced the Recording Artist and the music released today. Continuing to explore the subject of race through rock and roll in his anticipated 2023 ‘Deluxe’ album, this unreleased work features track ‘No Racist’ - a creative collaboration with Kendra Foster (2X Grammy Award Winning Singer/Songwriter as seen on Pitchfork and Rolling Stone) that was inspired by racial justice protests following George Floyd's death, also falling on YOUNG JIMMY’s birthday. His perspective will force listeners to confront the stark reality in these unprecedented times of American History and Music.

1. Can you tell our readers a bit about YOUNG JIMMY and your music?

I’m a Guitarist Singer Songwriter and Rapper. Listen to my debut studio album 'Rockett 88' in full, i'm sure you will understand who YOUNG JIMMY is as a musician and Artist after that.

2. Congratulations on the release, what is 'Pull Up to the Party' about? What's the vibe?

Pulling Up to a LIT party with a few bad bitches in your best drip with a ROCK STAR attitude. I really live that lifestyle. I pulled up to a lit party recently with 3 young beautiful woman, TRUE STORY. It's Definitely a HOOD ROCK vibe I think its an alternative club banger.

3. What's the big picture with this release? (potential to talk album/future releases)

This release will open the floodgates to many future releases happening in 2023 including a Deluxe album I was fortunate to have blessed by a 2x Grammy award-winning Singer-Songwriter.

4. How do you hope to evolve as a musician through YOUNG JIMMY? What have you learnt?

I hope to reach & grow my fan base and go on tour soon. I hope to learn and grow as an artist musician and songwriter as I embark on this Rock Star Journey. I hope to finally be accepted in a culture my people created here in America. I learned the music business is a business, you have to know the business you are entering. I learned that I have a unique story, authenticity matters, stay true to who you are, invest in your self, trust no body and believe in your self.

5. Who are your biggest musical influences and supporters?

My biggest influences would be 90's alt Rock bands like Pearl Jam, Nirvana, Alice in Chains, Ever Clear, RHCP, Stone Temple Pilots, Sublime, etc. 90's Hip Hop, rappers like 2pac, Out Kast, Snoop Dogg, Rakim, Lauren Hill, etc. 'Classic Rock' bands like Led Zepplin, YES, Queen, The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Rush, The Doors, Eagles, Aerosmith, The Police, Black Sabbath, Guns & Roses, Thin Lizzy, etc. and lastly "Authentic Rock & Roll" all the great African American Rockers like Hendrix, Prince, Lenny Kravits, Living Colour, Slash, Eddie Hazel, Funkadelic, Chuck Berry, Little Richard, Tina Turner, Merry Clayton, Death, Fats Dominos, and Sister Rosetta Tharpe, I take a lot pride in my culture and the people who paved the way for me. My biggest supporters from what I've seen so far have been the alternative rock community, Black alt community, white women, HOOD ROCKERS, rappers hip hop fans, and the early Afro-Punk scene community (when it was a community and safe haven for black rock n roll musicians, we built that stage it use to be our scene, but not anymore..).

6. How do you let loose and chill in your spare time?

I do enjoy and cherish my alone time, Listening to vinyl records with a glass of wine or puffing weed, discovering new music in good company of a beautiful woman. Playing Guitar or watching a good Horror movie with Ben & Jerry’s.

7. Who would be the most exciting dream collaboration?

Getting a feature from SLASH.

8. Who have you collaborated with? Shoutouts?

Shoutout to Kendra Foster! Ever since she sang on and wrote the majority of D’Angelo on his last studio album ‘Black Messiah’ which I was definitely a fan of cause they incorporated Rock music. D’Angelo learned how to play guitar. That album introduced me to her as a singer songwriter. I ran into her a few times in NYC and connected with her. She’s a beautiful talented woman and the fact that she’s a member of Parliament-Funkadelic, I can’t give her nothing but respect and I’m grateful she was interested in working with me on that song which was magic creating in the studio. Much love to Kendra.

9. What live gigs have you got planned for 2023?

An album release show in Febuary or March we are currently working out dates in NYC now.

10. Best album of all time?

Thriller by Michael Jackson.

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