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INTERVIEW: a chat with VIIA

Who is VIIA as a musician? What’s your background?

Viia is loud, strong and daring and all the lyrics are so brutally honest, it’s amazing to be able to share my feelings and my story with everyone.

Since I was really young, I’ve always been hugely into rock music, even when I was told I could never make it if I did rock music. I was put into a box that I didn’t fit into for a long time and then I thought, no, fuck that! If I was going to do music, I was going to do it properly, doing what I love. I wasn’t going to do it to please the people around me who thought my rockier music would ‘never make it on radio 1’.

I have such a burning passion for my music and I’m so excited to get to share all the new songs I’ve been working on, my story within the lyrics and play some amazing shows!

Where do you want to be as a musician - aspirations/hopes?

I want to be making the music I love, wearing the clothes that I love and not be made to feel ashamed for it. I’m now doing everything for me so all I want is to be able to play my music live and just have a great time! If we’re thinking BIG the live aspect is the bit I love the most so that’s the dream, to play sold out arenas with everyone singing my songs back to me!

Any events or things we should watch out for ahead of the New Year? Highlights of 2022?

I’ll have some new show announcements coming soon + at the start of the new year! Lots more music to be written and planning the next steps for releasing soon!

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