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Following the anticipated 2022 release of the deluxe album ‘Dark Society’, VAUGHTY returns in 2023 with new genre-defying single ‘1984’ - the feature and title song to a 5 track EP - released January 2023 on Aggro Monkey records.

With the re-release of 1984 showcasing an anthemic melody of synth enthused emotion, the new year has already seen a promising start by Vaughty. Featuring guest vocals of Cherry Ballard, anticipation looms for the music video release, which depicts a desperate struggle of 3 individuals trying to survive after a nuclear apocalypse. A resounding message behind the composition, context shows a cry to humanity - “Wake Up. Don't let it happen. It's up to us" Vaughty described the curation of ‘1984’ EP: “This project is inspired by the George Orwell classic - The songs make direct reference to the source material whilst drawing the comparisons and parallels with the current state of the world”.

Could you describe a bit about yourself to our readers?

My name is Vaughn George. I am a Youtuber , an artist development coach and also an artist myself, My most current body of work is released under my "Vaughty" alias.

What was the creative process like when curating this nostalgic track?

The production of this track, as with the Dark Society, is very dense, meaning lots of parts. Used a lot of acoustic drum samples and electronic drum samples, analogue synthesizers, live piano and guitars. We did a lot of experimentation with guitars. I am always a fan of using guitars, not only for guitar sound but also for atmosphere and strange effects. I played guitar on some of the tracks but the bulk of the guitars were masterfully done by Andy Marlow. He has this brilliant way of incorporating acoustic guitars into a dense guitar stack but when you hear the guitar stack, you don’t hear the actual acoustic guitar, it is there merely to accentuate the transients of the sound. Andy also added additional percussion and most importantly he is credited with mixing the album. He did a fine job! For this 1984 EP, Andy will mix 2 of the tracks and I will mix the remaining 3 tracks.

'1984' is a really interesting release as it already exists as a single - could you explain the new version and your decision to release the latest edition?

Following the fact that the 2022 "Dark Society '' was so well received, I decided that "1984" (which is a track featured on the Dark Society album) I decided to release as the feature single to a 5 track EP.

It does horrify me that the world seems to be manifesting into that nightmare scenario which Orwell envisaged all those years ago. The resounding message behind the feature track is "Don't Let It Happen! It's Up To us!!"

Who were your inspirations for Vaughty?

I guess my inspirations and influences are very evident in all my recordings. My influences include Kraftwerk, Gary Numan, Vince Clarke, Depeche Mode, Nick Cave, Lou Reed, David Bowie, Vangelis, Jean-Michel Jarre and many others.

I would like to think that I do however have a unique signature sound whether that be a sound that resonates with you or not, it is simply what it is.

What would be a surprising thing people don't know about you?

Oh dear, I don’t know. Well I guess I do some wicked impersonations of some famous musicians and celebrities. I often dress up as characters for my youtube channel just to lighten the mood. My community loves my impressions of Morrissey, Nick Rhodes from Duran Duran, Andy Bell From Erasure, Neil Tenant from Pet Shop Boys, Dr Stephen Hawkings and My “Martin Gore from Depeche Mode Laugh!” I guess when I am not playing the role of the gloomy and moody Vaughty, I like to be silly and bring a few laughs. I guess when it comes to me, I take my work and my passion VERY seriously, however, I do not take myself seriously at all and I think this is where the balance lies and it keeps me sane.

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