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INTERVIEW: a chat with PENNY X

Berlin based PENNY X is a young Alternative-Pop artist that has defined herself as straightforward with her story-telling and lyrics. Her sound is built by a mixture of electronic and organic elements that simultaneously showcase her versatile voice: A vocalist who’s range varies from belting to whispering in one song, PENNY X writes her songs like short stories. After releasing her first singles in 2022, which already displayed different facets of her music, the singer now shows a louder and darker side to a Riot Grrrl interpretation with her new single ‘back to your dad’s’ likened to Olivia Rodrigo, Tate McRae, GAYLE and Maggie Lindemann.

Could you tell us about yourself and the music you create?

I’m a singer and songwriter from Berlin, I make Alt-Pop music and I love to be straight forward in my lyrics. Writing songs is like medicine to me and there’s no better feeling than coming home after a songwriting session knowing that you’ve written a good song.

Who was fundamental and a big supporter when creating ‘back to your dad’s’?

Most of all Freddy Rochow, my co-writer and producer on this track who was really patient with me and my perfectionism. And of course everybody who was involved in the music video, especially the videographer Annika Yanura who did an amazing job bringing my vision to life.

Where do you want to take your music next and what should we expect from PENNY X in 2023?

After ‘back to your dad’s’ the next single and last song missing to complete my first EP that I’m gonna release in February is gonna be more melancholic. And I think I’m gonna stick to that vibe for a while but who knows what else I’m gonna write in the meantime. But I feel like it’s kinda fitting to go from angry to sad haha.

Whose musical footsteps would you like to follow in the industry?

Taylor Swift has been my main inspiration when it comes to songwriting. I love how versatile, personal but still so relatable her music is.

Who would you recommend listening to, or suggest local venues to visit?

Georgia Twinn. If you like ‘back to your dad’s’ I think you’re gonna like her music too.

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