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INTERVIEW: a chat with Northampton based MADDOX JONES

Northampton based singer-songwriter - Maddox Jones, releases a provoking track that addresses Mental Health: ‘We All Need Somebody’.

Recorded and released in support of Mental Health Awareness Week, Northampton singer-songwriter, Maddox Jones delivers the inspirational new single, “We All Need Somebody” - May 2023 via Radikal Records.


The track delivers the simple yet very important message of letting someone know you’re there for them when they’re struggling with their mental health or whatever troubles may be thrown their way. Mixed by Michael Brauer (Coldplay), and mastered by Joe LaPorta (Miley Cyrus) “We All Need Somebody” is an anthem to remind each-other that we are not in this alone and that the first step towards making a positive change can be talking about it with someone.

Maddox has visited some 40 schools around the United Kingdom, giving motivational speeches to youngsters of all ages based on his own life experiences and then entertaining them with some of his songs. The reaction has been phenomenal and resulted in thousands of new followers for Maddox Jones online. He certainly is enjoying the reaction he is receiving from young audiences and will continue his school tours into the summer.

What was your motivation and intentions with the release of 'We All Need Somebody'?

I’ve been visiting schools and delivering talks on mental health and also performing my music in the sessions. I’ve found that a lot of people feel alone and my message is, talk to someone when you’ve got something on your mind that’s getting you down. I wrote this song to spread that message.

We've heard you're releasing a music video with the single - can you give us a teaser?

It’s going to feature the mascot of my local rugby team and some of the scenes will be filmed in the local rugby stadium. The story is centred around me and my struggles with trying to make it in the music industry, it will be quite a personal video.

How do you feel about playing it to a live audience?

I’ve already played it at some schools and it feels great to sing and the response has been amazing.

What was your creative process like when creating this track - did you work with anyone during production?

Yes, this track has had a lot of love poured into it. I worked with my friend Francesca Rodrigues initially over WhatsApp on a Sunday morning back in January, that’s where the song was born. I then took the song to plastic tree studios where I worked on it with Dave Crawford and Irini Mando and the backing vocals were sung remotely by Ooura and Salt ashes respectively. I was very lucky to then have the track mixed by Michael Brauer (Coldplay) and mastered by Joe Laporta (Miley Cyrus), very cool! This is now one of my favourite sounding records I’ve ever made.

Have you done anything fun to promote the release?

Yes I’ve been offering free Hugs at cities around the country and plan on continue doing so - we all need somebody to hug

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