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INTERVIEW: a chat with L.A. SUNDAY

L.A. Sunday are a four piece indie band from Lincoln, UK. Made up of Lloyd, Harry, Charlie and Finn, the unsigned outfit are set to release their next single, ‘Social Divide’. Since their debut two years ago, the rock quartet have developed a distinct sound - similar to heavy melodic bands like Idles, Fontaines, and the Mysterines.

Can you describe L.A. Sunday and who you are as a band?

L.A. Sunday is an emerging indie/rock band made up of Lloyd, Harry, Charlie and Finn from Lincoln, East Midlands. We are quickly gaining a reputation for exciting live performance and tracks that merge genres including punk, 80s pop, and indie lo-fi.

How did you meet and get together as a music outfit?

A friend introduced us at a gig, and we just had a natural chemistry. It was hard at first because of lockdown but we all had ideas and just wanted to play music. We have all grown so much as a band and learnt to work collaboratively over the past couple of years. The thing that drives us all is performing live. We get so excited to get on stage and entertain people. We get up there and connect with the audience, we are all having a great time – it’s the best feeling.

Congrats on the release! What is your new single ‘Social Divide’ about?

Thank you! We are so pleased to be releasing this single. There seems to be so much anxiety in society right now. Whether it’s social media or TV there is always something to feel concerned about and the bottom line is always money. We wanted to express that feeling in our lyrics and to follow that with music that builds on that pressure. When we went into the recording studio it was important to us to try and emulate that live gritty sound that you would get if you came to our gigs.

What do you hope to see from audiences when they listen to the track?

We want the people to listen to the track and feel that sense of tension release. It is how we felt when we put the song together. We also want them to be entertained by it, at our live gigs Social Divide is usually our last song of the night – it raises the roof. It’s musically upbeat, heavy on drums and guitars. We recorded the track in a studio over a long weekend - It was a lot of fun!

Who have been your biggest musical influences for L.A. Sunday’s sound?

Between us we have wide musical tastes ranging from classical to heavy rock, but our biggest influences so far have to be, The Clash, Arctic Monkeys, The Doors and Bring Me the Horizon. We try to draw from bands that have broken the mould in their own way. As a band we are trying to respect that, learn from it and musically move forward.

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