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INTERVIEW: a chat with indie musician & producer NATELLE

Natelle is an Italian-American songwriter and producer that has moved to London to pursue the dream that he shares with many others, making music and touching people's hearts with his very own work. In the past months, he built a team of passionate people who have supported his recent self-titled debut.

The EP “Natelle” falls into the rock/pop genre. It includes four songs that are written and produced by the artist himself. Two of the tracks, “Girl” and “Curtain” are about a long distance relationship, from the artist’s own point of view, expressing the heartbreak that he had to experience.

Can you describe a bit about your most recent release and how it is different from your previous release?

My most recent release is my EP “ Natelle” which was fully produced by me in my bedroom during lockdown. I have been working on those songs ever since I moved to London in 2019 so it feels crazy that they are out as a full body of work. I have released singles in the past, so releasing an EP feels great.

What’s your background and how has it shaped your music?

I went through various phases in my music taste. When I was about thirteen I listened to “Back in black” by Ac/Dc and it blew my mind. I then picked up my dad’s guitar the same day. I switched to techno and psychedelic trance music when I was about seventeen,learning how to produce and mix. After a while I got tired of electronic music and started playing in a Beatles cover band. Having to learn those great songs helped me to understand how to write and structure a piece. I have various influences and backgrounds so it’s quite hard for me to identify with a specific genre. But if I had to pick it would be Rock n Roll.

Who’s your dream collaboration?

I would love to work with Andrew Wat. He’s such a talented producer and a rocker at heart. I think something really interesting would come out of it.

Out of everyone in your life, who is your biggest supporter and inspiration?

My father is probably up there, but my whole family is being really supportive of my crazy dream.

What’s been your highlight of 2022/23?

My release party at The Hawley Arms in the room where Any Winehouse used to spend time. Coming from a small town in the Italian countryside, all this seems exciting and wild. The room was packed and everyone was having a great time, it was amazing.

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