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INTERVIEW: a chat with alt-rock LOVESBLIND after the release of riff heavy single - 'levitate'

Hailing from Iowa in the US, LOVESBLIND are an alt-rock powerhouse that find musical inspiration in everything around them. A five piece outfit that has an uncanny knack for creating hooks that turn first-time listeners into lifetime fans, ‘levitate’ is their most anticipated release yet.

Encompassing the independent creative process, their newest self-produced efforts are focused on bridging the gap between hip-hop and modern pop punk. Out Friday the 13th January 2023, they have drawn influence from trailblazers of vocal-led genres, like new-wave punk and alternative hip-hop. A nostalgic nod to Slaves and Waterparks, the band are also inspired by modern melodic acts; Oliver Francis, Chase Atlantic, Sueco, nothing, nowhere., and iamjakehill. to name a few. Highlighting a developed sound, ‘levitate’ is an exciting point in the evolution of LOVESBLIND’s journey, sharing anecdotes with listeners along the way.

‘levitate’ was written about those who didn't give you the time of day until you "made something" of yourself, and how then those people want to act like you were friends all along. A great example is when someone wants nothing to do with you in high school, sees how well you're doing 5 years later, and wants to "get back in touch". The song is a glorified middle finger to all of those people.

Originally intended as a live intro for an entirely separate song, ‘levitate’ presented itself with the potential to blossom into its own masterpiece. Focusing on a tasteful emphasis of production based verses, the accompaniment showcases the full band choruses which aims to target a broader audience. Looking to diversify their sound, the single showcases their in-house production skills of their home studio, and true grassroot grit in the gnarly face of the COVID19 pandemic.

After releasing their debut single ‘borderlines’ in April 2020 and a "Punk Goes Pop" style cover of blackbear's "chateau" a few months later, LOVESBLIND spent their time in-between lockdowns honing their craft and developing their sonic identity. With the urge to explore more hip-hop structures in their tracks, they took 2022 in their stride with ‘ghost’ ft emerging pop-artist, Kaiyko: This latest release was the first step in bridging the hip-hop gap with their energised alt-pop punk sound. Guaranteed to find a new home in your head, LOVESBLIND and the release of ‘levitate’ prove an exciting one to watch this new year.

Who is LOVESBLIND? What do you stand for/symbolize as a band?

We are a five piece hip-hop/rock band from Southeast Iowa. We started up *right* before COVID, basically right at the beginning of 2020. As a group we draw inspiration from a lot of different genres. Many of us grew up listening to rock and emo music, and are now fans of more pop/hip-hop sounds. So our goal has kind of been to blend these inspirations into songs that we enjoy, and hope that others will as well.

Who are your biggest inspirations?

It's kind of hard to narrow down specific influences, to list off a few: Oliver Francis, Belmont, Chase Atlantic, Bring Me The Horizon.

How has ‘levitate’ been received so far?

We feel like "levitate” has been received very well so far. People seem to really enjoy it, and we know for a fact that those in our inner circle have had nothing but good comments about it.

What have been your highlights of the release?

We’re definitely really happy with the positive reception of the song and video so far. With this release being quite a different sound than our earlier releases, the positive feedback just makes us more excited to release more music and content for everyone.

What can we expect with your future releases?

Honestly our whole goal with future releases, or any for that matter, is to try to keep things fresh. We feel like no matter what our songs will still sound like "us", so that's not even really a concern that crosses our minds.

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