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FEATURE: Singer-Songwriter MADDOX JONES Releases the Uplifting New Single 'WE ALL NEED SOMEBODY'

Northampton based singer-songwriter - Maddox Jones, releases a provoking track that addresses Mental Health: ‘We All Need Somebody’.


Recorded and released in support of Mental Health Awareness Week, Northampton singer-songwriter, Maddox Jones delivers the inspirational new single, “We All Need Somebody” - May 2023 via Radikal Records.

The track delivers the simple yet very important message of letting someone know you’re there for them when they’re struggling with their mental health or whatever troubles may be thrown their way. Mixed by Michael Brauer (Coldplay), and mastered by Joe LaPorta (Miley Cyrus) “We All Need Somebody” is an anthem to remind each-other that we are not in this alone and that the first step towards making a positive change can be talking about it with someone.

Maddox was inspired to write this song by the many students he’s met giving motivational speeches at schools all over the United Kingdom since last summer. He hopes the song will encourage people to talk to someone freely about what’s going on inside. At a time when so many young people and old alike are trying to cope with mental issues plaguing them the message could not be more timely.

Written with good friends, the idea came to me after one of my schools visits where I talk about my own mental health struggles with the hope of inspiring people to talk about what’s going on inside. I love the melody, lyrics and production, it’s all come together so well. If this song helps someone to feel better it will have done it’s job!” - Maddox Jones

Continuing his path to Pop Glory and with fierce determination, Maddox is in many ways a bit of a musical chameleon; adopting and updating his sound with each release.

Having already built a career that included four Top 40 hits as well as playing at Reading and Leeds Festival and Glastonbury as frontman of The Departure, British singer-songwriter Maddox Jones made his debut as a solo-artist in 2020 with the critically acclaimed ‘Headspace’ EP. Receiving immediate praise from the likes of SPIN, American Songwriter, BBC, iHeart Radio and more, Maddox was tipped as 'One to Watch in 2022' by BBC Introducing Northampton as he released his debut full-length album 'Believe It'.

Tracks bursting with vibrant colour, Believe It, is an uplifting and hopeful album where Jones delves into themes of becoming himself, falling in love as well as overcoming and battling with addiction. The album blends summary synth-washed pop with raw, stripped back, honest tracks, showcasing his singer-songwriter abilities.

Songwriting is what’s been keeping Maddox Jones busy since the release of his debut album. Aside from working on his next album he’s been invited to co-write with and for artists like Billy Lockett, Janet Devlin, RIP Youth and still found time to write, produce and perform an unofficial football anthem for the recent World Cup which drew lots of attention for himself and The Wealdstone Raider.

In between and around all these activities Maddox has visited some 30 schools around the United Kingdom, giving motivational speeches to youngsters of all ages based on his own life experiences and then entertaining them with some of his songs. The reaction has been phenomenal and resulted in thousands of new followers for Maddox Jones online. He certainly is enjoying the reaction he is receiving from young audiences and will continue his school tours into the summer.

His previous release, "Get It”, was co-written and produced by David Crawford and has already made waves on TikTok thanks to Maddox's fun campaign of challenging the public to “Come Get It”, at everything from an arm wrestling to penalty kicks.

"I wrote ‘Get It’ during a bit of a transitional moment in my life last year. It’s a song about putting the past behind you and embracing a new inner confidence. If people listen to this song to motivate at any point of their day it’ll have served it’s purpose well” - Maddox Jones

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