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FEATURE: new music by DD ALLEN - a “REBEL HERO” review by TheZip.UK

From the first note, "Rebel Hero" exudes a stadium-worthy energy that demands your full attention. The track is a symphony of singalong choruses, massive guitar melodies, and a full-band sound that transports you back to the romantic and rebellious days of the 70s. However, it also takes a modernized step forward in terms of production and sonics.

DD Allen's "Rebel Hero" is a captivating anthem that catapults the listener into a world of nostalgic indie rock 'n' roll. Influenced by The War on Drugs and The Killers, Allen's voice possesses a raw power that instantly grabs your attention. This debut EP, born from his collaboration with renowned producer Mark Tucker, marks a pivotal moment in Allen's musical journey.

DD Allen draws inspiration from Huey Morgan's book, Rebel Heroes, which resonated deeply with him during a career-stalling lockdown. Through his craft, Allen found solace and motivation, resulting in a body of work steeped in escapism. "Rebel Hero" reflects this journey, capturing the emotional conflicts and resolutions that lie within each line of the song.

The track is a testament to Allen's determination and resilience, showcasing his relentless pursuit of artistic expression. After facing lost shows and health challenges, Allen has channeled his experiences into a staggering and epic single that sets the stage for his breakthrough year in 2023. With a rock 'n' roll energy that cannot be ignored, DD Allen is poised to capture the attention and recognition he deserves.

In the words of the artist himself, "Rebel Hero" is a sonic exploration that brings forth a cascade of nostalgic indie rock 'n' roll. It is a track that embodies the spirit of rebels and romantics, while pushing the boundaries of production and sound. DD Allen's musical odyssey continues to unfold, and this debut EP sets the tone for an artist who is ready to leave a lasting impact on the music scene.

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