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FEATURE: Manchester-hailing producer KINDUR and LA songstress ARCANA - 'I COULD BE HAPPY'

Hailing from Manchester, emerging artist Kindur, aka Chris Durkin is no stranger to an ethereal pop production.

Armed with a modern take on dark pop, and following the success of his euphoria-inducing stormer ‘Slow’ in 2020 plus many more, the authenticity-driven artist now joins forces with songstress Arcana to release debut single ‘I Could Be Happy’, effortlessly transitioning into his newest moniker Kindur.

Photo credit: Sam Hayat

Manchester based artist Kindur (Chris Durkin) is a genre bending producer, going against the grain of the usual ‘cool-guy’ producer stereotype. Championing authenticity and artistic freedom through his innovative & intricate productions, he has forged a successful career working behind the scenes in the music industry. His credits include Walmart, BBC, Pandora & CW Batwoman.

Now, looking to be an artist in his own right and proudly supported by Help Musicians, Kindur is releasing his debut single ‘I Could Be Happy’, with long-time collaborator, LA based songstress Arcana.

Unstoppable when combined, Kindur and ARCANA’s sound will have you dancing and crying—usually all at once. The pair’s attention to detail is evident in their soundscapes and engaging performances, putting emphasis on providing an emotional experience for their listeners and fans.

Recognising the sonic complexity and depth that collaboration brings, this new sound continues to evolve. Showcasing unmatched versatility and determination, the two met at a writing camp in Los Angeles and instantly connected.

Unstoppable as a duo, harnessing true encounters and emotions is second nature to the two, as they invite listeners into their headspace while contemplating music as an emotion-filled experience. Having since produced six of Arcana’s studio singles, including Stockholm Syndrome (amassing over 900k plays and international recognition through South Korean dance troup ‘Alien’), the fellow creatives have formed an unparalleled sonic bond as they secure their place in the global music scene.

“We wrote this song together on our first meeting in LA, it's really about reflection of our own experiences in relationships and how you can feel lonely & in a state of limbo. It's a special song for me, it was the start of an incredible working partnership between Arcana and I, so it really sets the mood for the rest of the music we're working on.” - Kindur & Arcana

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