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FEATURE: HONEYDRIP return with Disco Revival - 'O.T.F.' A Genre-Defying Funk 'n' Soul Extravaganza

In a serendipitous twist of fate, Honeydrip, a 5+ piece Funk 'n' Soul enterprise, has emerged from the suburban sprawl of Inner West Sydney, Australia, captivating audiences with their stylish fusion, raw passion, and spectacular theatricality.

Led by the dynamic duo of Ryan Light and Elliott Falzon, Honeydrip has evolved from an amateur songwriting partnership into a multidimensional creative powerhouse that defies categorization and continues to push the boundaries of musical exploration.

Drawing inspiration from a diverse range of sources, Honeydrip's influences span both the contemporary vanguards of Sydney's independent scene, including The Regime, Boomchild, CINTA, and Thunder Fox, and international superstars like Bruno Mars, Vulfpeck, Dua Lipa, Lizzo, and The 1975. The result is a rich sonic tapestry that skillfully weaves Classic Soul from a bygone era with the future of R&B, all adorned with irresistible Funk grooves and the unapologetic grandeur of Arena Rock.

The release of their third single, "O.T.F. (On The Floor)," marks Honeydrip's triumphant return from three years of radio silence, delivering an electrifying record that showcases their artistic and commercial ambition. Dynamic, infectious, and elaborate, "O.T.F." is a testament to the collective's vibrant and enigmatic identity, displaying their boundless creative horizons.

Listening to "O.T.F. (On The Floor)" is like embarking on a psychedelic journey through an alternate universe where Jamiroquai meets Jacob Collier in a supercharged fever-dream, accompanied by echoes of Quincy Jones at every step and the epic scope of Earth, Wind & Fire. The track exudes elegance, heartfelt emotion, and a sense of adventure, bursting with an irrepressible joy and euphoria that is utterly contagious.

Honeydrip shares that "O.T.F. (On The Floor)" is a celebration of liberation from personal inhibitions and pre-conceived societal expectations that often stifle individuals from embracing the truth of the moment. In true Classic Disco fashion, it serves as an invitation to free our impulses and revel in the beauty of human differences. At its core, the track is simply a rollicking good time, a banger that goes hard and keeps the energy soaring.

What sets Honeydrip apart is their genre-defying musical approach, effortlessly transitioning between moods, tempos, and sonics with grace and charm. "On The Floor" serves as the perfect introduction to their magical, otherworldly sound that transcends boundaries and leaves audiences grooving and entranced in a state of atmospheric beauty.

The question on everyone's mind is, where will Honeydrip go next? With their mesmerizing performances and relentless pursuit of musical innovation, one can only imagine the heights they will reach. "O.T.F. (On The Floor)" is a bold statement of their artistic prowess, and the world eagerly awaits the next chapter in Honeydrip's musical odyssey. As they continue to defy expectations and create genre-defying musical fun, one thing is certain - Honeydrip is a force to be reckoned with in the ever-evolving landscape of contemporary music.

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