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FEATURE: FEAR OF WATER unleash emotional fury in a collab with ELIAS SORIANO of NONPOINT - theZip.UK

The Austin-based Solo Project Strikes a Chord with Raw Emotion and Genre-Defying Soundscapes in Their Latest Release 'Codependent Parasites': Exploring themes like heartbreak and betrayal, Dave Perry has opened up to audiences with his relatable lyricism and alternative interpretation of a nasty break-up.

Cover art credit: Ryan Berrier Photo & Design

Fear of Water's latest release, 'Codependent Parasites' featuring Elias Soriano of Nonpoint, is a sonic tour de force that pushes the boundaries of hard rock and melodic metal. An emotionally charged track that hails from personal turmoil and betrayal, this release delivers a cathartic and captivating musical experience for a plethora of alt audiences.

For fans of Breaking Benjamin, Shinedown, and Falling in Reverse, 'Codependent Parasites' offers a distinctive vision and presents a rising force in the rock music scene. With emotionally charged tracks paired with catchy hooks to get lost in, Fear of Water's ability to channel personal experiences into powerful music makes 'Codependent Parasites' a track that deserves to be heard by rock enthusiasts everywhere. It marks a significant milestone in the project's journey, and with Dave Perry at the helm, this release is just the beginning of an exciting series of collaborations featuring industry veterans such as Clint Lowery of Sevendust, Heidi Shepherd of Butcher Babies, Aaron Nordstrom of Gemini Syndrome, and Sahaj Ticotin of Ra.

The genre-blending nature of 'Codependent Parasites' is immediately apparent as it seamlessly weaves together elements of hard rock, active rock, and melodic metal. The dynamic range of emotions keeps listeners engaged throughout, exhibiting a high-energy, major key chorus to the aggressive verses and moody electronic breakdowns. Fear of Water's masterful ability to navigate these musical landscapes showcases Dave Perry's versatility and creativity as a solo artist: Pairing such an approach with other established musicians has proved quite the musical adventure for those onboard.

Elias Soriano (Nonpoint) plays a huge role in the track coming together with his contribution to vocals that are nothing short of exceptional. His rawness compliments Perry's presence in a powerful way as 'Codependent Parasites' supports them using an array of instruments (Chapman Guitars, Ibanez Bass, DW Drums, Zildjian Cymbals, and Neural DSP guitar plugins). To showcase a seamless blend and symphony of sound that is both powerful and intricate, the attention to detail adds depth and dimension to the music that can be credited to Kile Odell - known for his work with bands like Motionless in White and Nita Strauss. Fear of Water's commitment to collaborating with top-notch producers like Sahaj Ticotin and Kile Odell is certainly a commendable approach to curating fresh sounds.

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