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FEATURE: a review of ROSS ALAN's new release - 'HOMESICK' - by TheZip.UK

Ross Alan's track 'Homesick' is a captivating blend of pop and country, delivering a sense of ambience that is sure to catch the attention of listeners. As the opening track of their upcoming EP, Revelation, this song showcases the talents of the LA-based singer-songwriter.

The instrumentation of 'Homesick' is a delicate fusion of acoustic guitar, synth, drums, and pro tools, creating a rich and melodic backdrop for Ross Alan's vocals. The song was born from an acoustic guitar demo that Ross Alan sent to their producer in New York, accompanied by a playlist of songs they wanted to emulate. The producer then crafted the instrumental, which was refined by Ross Alan before recording the vocals. The result is a masterfully mixed and mastered track that exudes a polished and captivating sound.

Photo Credit: Taylor Mansmann

The lyrics of 'Homesick' delve into the theme of never feeling at home. Ross Alan reflects on their personal journey, recounting their experience of leaving Ohio and their family behind at the age of 18 to pursue higher education. While others expressed feeling homesick during winter break, Ross Alan realized they had never missed Ohio because it never felt like home. The song explores the challenges of navigating adulthood when the concept of home is elusive, touching upon the universal struggle of finding one's place in the world.

Ross Alan's artistic identity is described as a glitter-covered, non-binary pop experience. Their music is characterized by catchy melodies, velvety vocals, and lyrics that resonate with listeners. Over the past decade, they have honed their craft, collaborating with notable producers such as Chris Young, known for his work with Christina Aguilera. Their performances at renowned venues like Pete's Candy Store in NYC and Hotel Café and Whisky A Go Go in Los Angeles have further solidified their presence in the music scene.

With their EP Revelation, produced by Jamie McCardle and Ivan Fiallos-Zambrano, Ross Alan continues to push boundaries and explore new sonic territory. The release of 'Homesick' as the lead single sets the stage for what promises to be a compelling musical journey. Ross Alan's evolution from radio pop to acoustic sentimentality is evident in their recent singles 'Blue Skies' and 'Control,' offering a fresh and introspective approach to their artistry.

In conclusion, Ross Alan's track 'Homesick' is a mesmerizing fusion of pop and country, capturing a sense of ambience while exploring the complexities of finding one's true home. With their unique sound and introspective lyrics, Ross Alan is poised to make a lasting impact with their forthcoming EP, Revelation. As an artist who continues to evolve and experiment with their musical style, Ross Alan is undoubtedly an exciting talent to watch in the pop music landscape.

‘Homesick’ is available on all streaming platforms now.

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