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FEATURE: a review of LUCY LANE's new release 'I DON'T WANT TO BE ANGRY' by TheZip.UK

A Dark Pop Powerhouse Redefines Anger and Empowers Listeners: The Visual Journey By Photographer, Lily Lytton

In a music industry often marked by conformity and manufactured sounds, emerging artist Lucy Lane fearlessly defies expectations with her latest single, 'I Don't Want To Be Angry'. Released on July 7, 2023, this dark and haunting track is a testament to Lane's distinct sound and unwavering commitment to exploring complex emotions. With a mesmerising blend of unapologetic pop, classic rock, and euphoric electronic elements, Lucy Lane transcends genre boundaries, captivating listeners with her anthemic lyrics and catchy melodies.

At its core, 'I Don't Want To Be Angry' is a raw and introspective exploration of anger. Born out of a conversation about gender-based violence and fueled by personal experiences of emotional violence, Lane's lyrics carry an undeniable weight. The track's ethereal synth pad and pounding drums create an atmospheric backdrop that perfectly complements the poignant message conveyed through her powerful vocals.

Collaborating with producer Mint Sauce and guitarist Eric Matern, Lucy Lane has crafted a sonic experience that commands attention. Jackson Hoffman's innovative mixing and mastering techniques lend the song a finishing touch reminiscent of celebrated artists like St. Vincent and Karen O. Together, they have created a sound that merges classic arrangements with contemporary themes, resulting in a truly captivating and unique listening experience.

In a recent interview, Lucy Lane shared her perspective on anger and its significance in human experience. She emphasises that anger, far from being a negative emotion, is an essential and protective part of the human psyche. Lane believes that society often suppresses anger, especially among women, and aims to challenge this narrative. By honouring and harnessing anger as part of healthy emotional expression, she believes it can become pure and even divine. The universality of anger resonates deeply with listeners, making 'I Don't Want To Be Angry' a track that transcends boundaries of gender, age, and background.

Complementing the release of the single is a visually striking music video, directed by London-based filmmaker Kassandra Powell. Drawing inspiration from references as diverse as Joan of Arc and Baz Luhrmann's Romeo and Juliet, Powell and Lane collaborated to create a visual masterpiece that immerses viewers in a dark fairytale world. Through three abstract and minimalist scenes, the video brings to life the journey of a girl whose anger grows within her hair. The visual storytelling enhances the song's atmosphere and adds an additional layer of depth to Lane's poignant lyrics.

Further solidifying her place as a rising force in the music industry, Lucy Lane has announced her support appearance for talented musician Tally Spear on July 19, 2023, at Paper Dress Vintage in London. The event, organised by Generation W, is dedicated to celebrating women in alternative pop and alternative rock genres. With the screening of the 'I Don't Want To Be Angry' music video, this showcase promises to be a remarkable gathering of female talent, offering audiences an unforgettable experience and highlighting Lane's growing recognition as an artist unafraid to confront societal norms.

As Lane fearlessly embraces the darker side of her artistry, she refuses to be hindered by imposter syndrome, ageism, or industry elitism. Her music, characterised by raw energy and unfiltered authenticity, serves as a vessel for emotional expression, resonating with audiences seeking honesty and relatability. Having garnered attention on platforms like CLOUT, Lucy Lane's rising presence in the music scene is undeniable.

'I Don't Want To Be Angry' is available on all major streaming platforms, with the music video release slated for the 14th of July 2023. Lucy Lane's fearless exploration of anger and her ability to infuse her music with raw emotion and authenticity set her apart as an artist who is unafraid to challenge societal norms and confront complex emotions head-on. With this latest single, Lane establishes herself as a dark pop powerhouse, leaving a lasting impact on listeners and reshaping the conversation around anger and its expression.

As Lucy Lane continues to carve her path in the music industry, her upcoming single and debut music video mark a significant milestone in her career. Through her unwavering dedication to creative un-numbing and personal freedom, Lane is set to captivate audiences with her powerful sound and unapologetic approach. Keep an eye on Lucy Lane as she paves the way for a new wave of artists embracing the darker side of their artistry and empowering listeners through their music.

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