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FEATURE: a review of JOHN LYNCH's new release - 'DARK HORSE ON THE WIND' by TheZip.UK

John Lynch Releases Cover of ‘Dark Horse On The Wind’ ahead of upcoming EP - ‘1922’

John Lynch, the renowned Irish folk singer-songwriter from Dublin, has once again captured the essence of his surroundings in his latest release, 'Dark Horse On The Wind'. As a follow-up to his previous album "Guardians," which eloquently portrayed the story of Dublin's chimney towers, John's upcoming EP, titled '1922' delves into Irish history and independence. With 'Dark Horse On The Wind', he reflects on the sacrifices made for the betterment of Ireland's future, drawing inspiration from poetry and the emotional resonance of the past.


John Lynch's ability to embody the collective pain and endurance of the Irish people is commendable. Through his music, he confronts the complexities of our origins, allowing listeners to delve into their own emotions. The song's brooding sonic undertones, achieved through repeated notation, drones, and the haunting sound of the bodhran, transport us back in time, evoking a visceral experience. In his own words, John acknowledges the origins of "Dark Horse On The Wind" and its impact on him:

“I first heard this song from the Dublin ballad singer Liam Weldon (the song's writer). Liam sang traditional songs without accompaniment and is famous for saying that the song finds the singer, not the other way around. I added the music while being sensitive to the mood of the song and Liam's lasting legacy to traditional music.”

'Dark Horse On The Wind' exemplifies the profound role that music plays in preserving culture and identity. It reminds us of the power of storytelling and the importance of remembering our history through art.

Since the release of his debut album 'City Stars' in August 2021, John Lynch has continued to gain momentum as a promising singer-songwriter. The album received national airplay and garnered recognition from Hot Press, further solidifying John's reputation in the music industry. His success extended to sold-out shows at venues like the Sugar Club and enthusiastic reception during his UK tour. Sharing the stage with esteemed artists such as Christy Moore, Jerry Fish, and Mary Coughlan showcases the caliber of talent that John possesses.

FFO: KILA, John Spillane, Damien Dempsey // Photo Credit: Ben Kelly

Working closely with Larry Hogan of Dublin Studio Hub, John has honed his unique style, seamlessly blending Irish folk with a contemporary twist. His forthcoming EP, '1922', promises a new collection of original songs that explore both historical and current themes. As we enter 2023, John Lynch is poised to continue this upward trajectory with a series of singles, the release of his EP, and numerous live performances and festival appearances.

In conclusion, John Lynch's artistry as an Irish folk singer-songwriter shines through in 'Dark Horse On The Wind' and his overall body of work. He skillfully intertwines music and storytelling, inviting listeners to connect with their roots and understand the sacrifices made for Ireland's independence. With his unique blend of traditional and contemporary elements, John Lynch has established himself as a prominent figure in the music scene. As we eagerly anticipate the release of his new EP and his upcoming performances, it's clear that John's musical journey is one to follow closely.

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