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Diggis' latest track, 'Straight Chillin' Pt2 Be About The Balance', is a captivating hip-hop anthem that combines various styles such as soulful, 90s Boom Bap, and old school.

The lyrics of the song reflect Diggis' pursuit of balance in life, highlighting the importance of work and play, progress and relaxation. The track, produced by beat making legend Phoniks, features Diggis' positive and confident flow, perfectly complementing the smooth instrumental.

With its storytelling, relaxing vibes, and overall chill liveliness, 'Straight Chillin' Pt2 Be About The Balance' engages listeners from the very beginning. Diggis' lyrics promote positivity and self-improvement, making the song a symbol of growth and a reminder to strive for a harmonious existence. It's a sequel to his earlier track, 'Straight Chillin' (Pt1)', representing his evolution and dedication to moving forward.

Diggis comments on his track, 'Straight Chillin' Pt2 Be About The Balance': "The song is a self reminder, a symbol of growth, and a new chapter in the journey of self-improvement and discovery." This quote highlights the song's significance as a personal reminder and invites listeners to embark on their own journey of self-improvement and discovery.

An independent emcee deeply connected to hip-hop culture, Diggis draws inspiration from his hometown of Kuranda and FNQ, as well as his experiences performing in Australia and New York. His conscious, soulful, and lyrical style has been influenced by a variety of genres, particularly reggae and hip-hop. With 'Straight Chillin' Pt2 Be About The Balance', Diggis demonstrates his commitment to uplifting the hip-hop scene and contributing positively to the culture.

Overall, 'Straight Chillin' Pt2 Be About The Balance' is a testament to Diggis' artistic growth and his ability to create impactful music that resonates with listeners. This track serves as a reminder to find balance in life and embrace personal growth.

Photo Credit: Greg Hillman

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