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FEATURE: a review of CALL ME CANNON's new single - 'CIRCLES' by TheZip.UK

Call Me Cannon's latest single, 'Circles', is a captivating blend of indie-rock and smooth energy that will captivate listeners from the very first note. With their mission to 'do what we want as long as it rocks', this trio delivers a song that showcases both simplicity and complexity.

Call Me Cannon is composed of Michael Fitz, Jonathan Clark, and Tony Brock. The trio's musical journey began in 2005 when Michael met Tony during the production of his album 'Never Look Back.' Their instant connection led to collaborations on two more albums. In 2018, Michael crossed paths with Jonathan while working on his album 'Colors in the Wind,' solidifying the idea to bring these talented musicians together. In 2022, their studio session resulted in an instant magic that birthed Call Me Cannon. Their debut album 'Better Late Than Never' showcases a genre-bending masterpiece, blending classic rock, pop-punk, and retro rock elements.

From the outset, 'Circles' envelops the listener in a dreamy and calm soundscape, creating a serene atmosphere that serves as the foundation for the track. The combination of bass, drums, guitar, and keyboards creates a mesmerizing arrangement that sets the stage for what's to come.

Driven by hard grooves, the song possesses an undeniable readiness to make you move. The silky smooth vocals add an extra layer of allure, solidifying the attention Call Me Cannon is garnering with this release. It's a tune that demands recognition and turns heads towards the band's direction.

The origins of 'Circles' are as intriguing as the music itself. Michael Fitz, a member of Call Me Cannon, drew inspiration from a dark night while working on an offshore oil rig at the age of 22. Seeking solace and creativity, he ventured to the heliport with his guitar, playing under the stars and amidst the crashing waves. It was in this isolated and hostile environment that 'Circles' was born, carrying with it a deep connection between the physical and metaphysical worlds.

In their own words, "Circles" is a song that explores the intricate relationship between these two realms and their inherent connection. Call Me Cannon has managed to capture this essence in their music, creating a thought-provoking and immersive experience for their listeners.

With 'Circles', Call Me Cannon showcases their prowess as musicians and their ability to craft a song that transcends boundaries. It's a track that effortlessly blends indie-rock vibes with a touch of dreamy smoothness, leaving a lasting impact on anyone who takes the time to immerse themselves in its melodic embrace.

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