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FEATURE: a review by TheZip.UK of NAT OAKS' 'Backseat Driver' - A Genre-Blending Summertime Anthem

Nat Oaks has carved a distinct path in the hip-hop genre, infusing it with elements of modern pop and rap, inspired by the earnestness of Lauryn Hill and the vibrance of Tyler, The Creator. Her latest single, 'Backseat Driver', is a testament to her innovative approach and undeniable talent.

Oaks' sunshine production is fresh and polished, a perfect match for today's industry standards. Having already graced big UK festivals like Boomtown, Wireless Festival, and Love Saves The Day, her rich hip-hop sound has garnered consistent support from BBC Introducing and featured in esteemed publications like NOTION, Wordplay Magazine, and FAME.

'Backseat Driver' embraces a bouncy and rhythmic indie-soaked style, effortlessly blending elements of hip-hop, pop, and shoegaze with reverb-drenched guitars. Oaks' vocals are charismatic and captivating, seamlessly transitioning between singing and rapping throughout the track.

Fans of Nilüfer Yanya and Arlo Parks will find enjoyment in Oaks' style, as 'Backseat Driver' encapsulates her essence perfectly. The verses are adorned with pop-woven melodies, while the singalong chorus promises to become a crowd favorite during live performances. The song's commercial appeal is brilliantly understated, showcasing Oaks' undeniable talent and potential for greatness in 2023.

In her own words, Oaks explains that 'Backseat Driver' was born during a time of self-acceptance and embracing her true self. The song provided her with a space to release pent-up frustrations, particularly regarding comments about her appearance and attempts to control her presentation. She firmly believes in embracing both her feminine and masculine energies, making the anthem an empowering body of work that urges listeners to drown out external judgments and reclaim control over their own lives.

'Backseat Driver' is a narrative that will resonate with many, with its infectious genre-blending yet empowering message. Nat Oaks' distinctive style and remarkable talent are evident in this single, solidifying her position as an artist poised for great success in 2023 and beyond.

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